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The George Washington University

Each project I complete with Juls Design is more impressive than the one before and I always think, "They've outdone themselves this time!" I absolutely appreciate each team member I've worked with — from Emily's outstanding project management to the designs I've been given to Carol's conversations when I call to pay invoices. Everyone has been kind, enthusiastic about my projects and patient with me when there have been delays or misunderstandings (that have always been because of challenges on my end... the Juls team has never missed a deadline).


The team always produces outstanding work. I love showing off my school's magazine, viewbook and brochures because I know they will elicit praise. Juls Design provides the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration at the George Washington University with designs that forward our mission, engage our audiences and make us
look fantastic.


They do all this while staying within our budget and our tight project timelines and while making the process smooth and easy.


Amber Palmer-Halma, Director of Communications

The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration

The George Washington University

Ankeny Community School District

Julie and her team did an outstanding job at a very reasonable price! They gathered information about our mission, vision and values and solicited feedback about Ankeny Schools in order to create visual representations of our district that are not only pretty pictures, but that truly incorporate those ideals into the graphics.


Julie and her team have been great partners for the school district, both during that initial process, and over the past five years. They have provided us with branded templates for a variety of documents that help to make our district look unified and professional. Since the process of our logo development, whenever we need something designed that we cannot handle internally, julsdesign has been my first call. They have also assisted will small projects such as updating the brand manual over time, for which the expenses have always been reasonable. Other departments have also turned to julsdesign for assistance on various project, apparel, and materials.


In short, we have been very pleased with our relationship and the work done with Julie and her team at julsdesign.


Jarrett Peterson, Coordinator of Communications

Ankeny Community School District

Casey's General Store

Casey’s General Stores, Inc. has used julsdesign for our annual report for over 10
years. One of the things that we believe sets them apart from the competition is their responsiveness. Our annual report is under very tight deadlines, and we receive immediate attention when we have a question or issue during the process. It is hard to beat that kind of local attention. Furthermore, we are very comfortable with their professional creativity they apply to our annual reports, which we believe is appreciated by our intended audience, the shareholders.


Brian J. Johnson, Vice President - Finance and Corporate Secretary

Casey's General Stores, Inc.

My office has worked with owner Julie Mangels and her staff at Juls Design for more than

15 years. When we need creative solutions for design, often Juls Design is who we turn to.

They have partnered with us on many projects including advertising, logo development

for programs and events, website design, recruitment materials, displays and more. For

several years, Juls Design designed our flagship publication for the College. They design a

critically important publication sent annually with Iowans to Capitol Hill in Washington,

D.C., in support of funding for key programs at the university.


Many of the projects have gone on to win international honors in the Association for

Communications Excellence (ACE) Critique & Awards Program, a showcase for

communications work produced to benefit public land grant universities and public sector

agencies. Several times, Juls Design has been selected for the ACE Outstanding

Professional Skill award, known as the “best of the best” in the program.


Juls Design is professional, creative and highly knowledgeable about the needs of

education. They have vast experience with diverse clientele who require effective means

to communicate to their respective audiences. It always is a pleasure to work with the
Juls Design team because they listen carefully, think outside the box and sustain the
focus on excellence.


Brian Meyer, Director of College Relations

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Iowa State University

Krell Institute

During my professional career, I have worked with many design firms. However, once I began working with julsdesign, I realized I found the best firm in the state. As such, they have had my company’s business for the past 10 years.


We have worked with the julsdesign team on many projects ranging from logo designs to website designs to full magazine designs. The team is extremely talented and creative – always offering many ideas, concepts, and suggestions on any project you throw their way. What makes them so effective, I believe, is that they take time to really listen to the client’s desires, objectives, and needs, as well as, weighing in on any constraints.


Another big benefit to using this team is their ability to see the big picture. Anyone can make something and call it a logo. Talented designers and branding experts, like those at julsdesign, bring an organization or event to life; they create an identity and nurture it with enhancements and innovative ideas into something spectacular, memorable, and, oftentimes, awardwinning.


And to top off the talent, commitment, and incredible customer service, the very best part
of working with the julsdesign team is that they actually become an extension of YOUR business. They spend the time up front to listen to you, learn about you, and understand you. And then they knock your socks off. Who could ask for more?


Shelly Olsan, Communications Manager

Krell Institute

we measure our success, not by the amount of awards we receive, but by the satisfaction of our clients. when we can create and satisfy it is a sweet reward for all. here are comments from some of our partners:

our clients speak
The Iowa Clinic

The Iowa Clinic has been working with Julie Mangels and her team for more than 16 years. We actually consider them part of our family here at The Iowa Clinic.


Juls Design has been integral in helping The Iowa Clinic build its brand in this community. Not only did they design our corporate logo, but they have also designed our Women’s Center logo and several other logos for joint ventures that we have with Iowa Health Des

Moines. During the logo development process, Juls and her team collaborated with us every step of the way. They were always very open to our input and suggestions.


Juls Design has also played a key role in helping us develop a “look and feel” for all of our marketing materials. We have won numerous healthcare marketing awards for campaigns created by the team at Juls. I am proud to say that The Iowa Clinic has never worked with an advertising agency. My marketing team has always worked together with the team at Juls to create our comprehensive campaigns. They have proven to be a great “think tank” and we work very well together. They have taken the time over the years to understand our business and our service lines and the result has been great, memorable marketing.


The bottom line, the team at Juls Design has provided us with outstanding service and that is why we are still working together. The staff from top to bottom is talented, professional and friendly.


Amy Hilmes, Chief Marketing Officer

The Iowa Clinic

"They spend the time up front to listen to you, learn about you and understand you. And then they knock your socks off. Who could ask for more?"
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